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Any seasoned Poker player knows what it’s like to get a bad beat. Whether you’re playing at the guys (or girl’s) night poker tournament on a Friday night, or competing in a Texas Hold em on an Online Poker program, you have lost hands to players who just plain stink at Poker. Whether it’s your best friend or your brother-in-law, their preening is enough to make you go on tilt.

If you are tired of these Poker School drop outs stealing your chips through sheer luck, then I have some news for you! First, a disclaimer: In Texas Holdem there will always be bad beats.

Even the pros catch a bad beat sometime. Just accept that and move on. Now, the good news. You can seriously reduce the impact that bad beats have on your Poker game. Poker is not a game of blind luck. Poker professionals made it a point to Learn Poker fundamentals. As a result, they always do better in the long haul.

Here are some Poker fundamentals:

#1. Be Patient. You don’t have to win every hand, and you don’t have to win them early. In fact, I have seen many sloppy players luck their way to become Big Stack of the table early on, only to lose it all later on. Be patient, and they may lose their chips to you. My goal is to win one big hand every hour.

#2. Be Selective Early in a poker tournament, be a card snob. The two cards dealt to you should be very strong before you’ll pay to see the Flop. Look for A-A, K-K, or Q-Q. Anything other hand should be handled carefully. J-J and 10-10 are okay, but they are easier to beat than most people think.

#3. Be Willing To Play Position If you are sitting on the Dealer’s button, you are in a powerful position. You have been able to see what others have bet first. If no one is raising the bet above the blind, and you don’t have a terrible hand, then you might pot raise and win the hand Pre-Flop. Late position is a good place to make reasonable bluffs.

#4. Be Cool. When the bad beat comes, take a few deep breaths. The sooner you simmer down, the sooner you’ll be able to play smart poker again. Remember, luck helps. But skill wins. Play well!



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